We send parts in all EU country with GLS.

Delivery time is about 4-10 days.

Shipping cost depends on the weight of the package and your location . (But is not expensive, be sure ..)

Payment : usually we use Paypal, but you can make and order payment in our EURO account (IBAN: RO46 BACX 0000 0009 4673 2002 ; SWIFT CODE: BACXROBU ; BANK: UniCredit Tiriac Bank Arad)

From our online store you cannot finish you'r order if you are outside Romania, but please add your parts in Shopping Cart and send us by mail your Cart , we will prepare , will check shipping cost and will send you by mail Invoice and Paypal Request .

After all you will receive your tracking number from GLS.

Try us ! For EU orders please send us an email to : contact@bestautovest.ro.ro

We not send in non-Euro Country .

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